This set is one of our favorites due to it's unique rich colour and theatrical design fitting both for the bride or her bridesmaids. It capsules both elegance and extravaganza in one.


We love this ensemble due to its bespoke antiquity. The nine yards accentuates the Indian body type the best having us stand out globally in any occasion.


This outfit ranks high in Mohey's favourite picks list because of its easy style which will be suitable for all Indian festivities. You can twirl and dance looking like a dream with this comfy ensemble which doesn't even dig a hole in your pocket.


This ensemble tops our favourite list due to it's pleasant hue as well as it`s dainty and flowy appearance. It is one of the few pieces which celebrates womanhood the best with its simplistic yet graceful cut and design.


We love this outfit due to it's basic yet chic design. It is a perfect fusion ensemble crafted for the modern age girl who wants to appear both ethnic and to-date.


This ensemble has made it to Mohey's favourite list due to it`s easy-breezy style and it`s refreshing colour palate. It is an outfit for the modern Indian girl, who wants the best of both east and the west, taking fusion wear a notch higher.


This outfit is loved by us due to it's enticing pastel colours and it's simple yet ritzy designing. The budget range that it falls into also makes it a steal deal.

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