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4 Accessories to Adorn this Wedding Season

Whether it’s your big day or your friend's, your attire should reflect a regal flair. For which, there’s an array of options to choose from. But even great ethnic wears need the right set of accessories to embellish them.

Remember not to overlook accessories, as they help in accentuating your look and give it an impeccable layer of class and sophistication.

With wedding season around the corner, we have 4 accessories that will help your wedding outfit to the next level.

1. Embrace the Pocket-SquareThere is something absolutely old-worldly and charming when it comes to pocket squares. One of the great things about them is, they are so incredibly versatile to wear and even a subtle change in their style can have a big impact on your look.

A pocket square can add serious sophistication when worn in the right way. However if you haven’t, it can look like a simple handkerchief peeking out of a pocket. Make sure you choose the perfect pocket-square to be in the limelight. 

2. The Royal Touch of Safa

Safa or the turban is a great way to radiate a traditional vibe and look stylish. It adds a touch of royalty and is considered to be the most colourful and impactful accessory to adorn.

 A stylish safa definitely raises a groom's style quotient a few notches, especially when it is adorned with correct combination of jodhpuri sherwani. If you are planning to go simply charming, adorn a safa as it will lend an air of graceful masculinity to your wedding outfit.

3. Go Beyond Style with Brooch
 Add a stylish look to your personality with the ornamentation of royal brooch. Crafted of sparkling stones, and studded with royal design, brooch adds an edgy-desi vibe to your ethnic wears.

This wedding season, add an unexpected level of sophistication and class with stylishly crafted brooches. Ensure you have one amazing brooch to add an oomph factor during the wedding season.  

4. The Timeless Beauty of Mala

Subtlety is the word of the day when it comes to picking out a necklace or mala for wedding ceremonies. Choosing the perfect mala helps in reflecting elegance as an attitude and will underline the glamour quotient in you.

The Royal garland or Mala gives you the blend of an old-world charm and contemporary style in a go. Malas are one wedding accessory, which if worn right can prove to be the ultimate jewellery option for grooms.

Enhance your wedding look by adorning beautiful accessories that will glam up your traditional look and make heads turn. This wedding season, check out a wide range of accessories until you find the best look for you. 

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