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4 Amazing Kurta Styles to Embrace the new Colors of Ramazan

Want some festive inspiration for the holy season of Ramazan? Look no further with Manyavar’s latest Eid collection. One of the best things about Kurtas are that no matter how your body is built, Kurtas can make you look humble and elegant at a go. 

Ramazan Eid is the time when you decorate your homes with lights, go out for brunch with your cousins, a family dinner and it’s a total time to celebrate. And when it’s celebrations, you ought to be dressed in the finest attire of the season. 

With Manyavar’s new range of Kurtas for Eid, we tell you how you can rock the kurta style and embrace the new Colors of Ramazan.

1. The calming bliss of white

When it’s Eid it’s impossible that you won’t browse for something white. White kurta is the staple for any celebration as it brings out elegance and gives an uber chic look. One of the best thing about white kurta is that you can spruce up the look in many ways. You can add style to it with a vest or jazz it up with a scarf and give it your own touch of style. 

2. Add panache with classic Pathani

Whether you are going out for a brunch with your family or meeting your friends for eid, sporting a classic pathani such as this is a must. The pathani kurta look best from head to toe and makes you stand out from the rest. With versatile hues and prints, pathani style kurta also add a dash of sophistication to you and your Eid celebration. Make sure you find the right fit for you and rock the ethnic look. 

3. The hot new pastel trend

You can never go wrong when it comes to pastel shades and festive celebration. The appealing light hues of this kurta is the perfect blend of something casual and formal. This Eid, add this to your wardrobe to up your sartorial game. You can also you can amp up the style game by wearing perfect pair of rajasthani jutis to it for the ultimate desi look.

4. The Bridal Swag Style

An unplanned outing for Eid? Kurtas are the best for unplanned events with your friends or family. The ease of dressing up and the comfort to wear it for the long hours of festive celebration is what makes this kurta a stand out. The intricate embroidery, the sheer opulence and energy of Maroon is all you need to add the touch of ethnic style for your Eid.

While you gorge on all the delicious food with your near and dear one you might do it all in complete style with our vibrant new collection. Make sure you pick out these impeccable new style of the season with all new colors of Ramazan. Take a look at the cascade of colors, cuts and embroidery from Manyavar today! Eid Mubarak to all.

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