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Home > Blogs On Menswear By Manyavar > 6 ROYAL SAFAS FOR GROOMS, THAT ARE NOT RED!


As traditions evolve, so does the zeal to experiment. The Safa, what we commonly call Pagdi, is the heart of the wedding accessory for men. They originated as regular wear in Rajasthan that spread through the country, radiating grace and glory. 
Now treated as an important part of the wedding attire, the once only-red pagdi for nuptials has become a style statement, along with being auspicious and celebrated. 
The grooms are promptly experimenting with safa colors, making them vibrant and cooler while contrasting them with their sherwanis. Take a look at the different hues of safas trending this wedding season. 

1. Royal Blue 

From navy blue to the majestic look of royal blue, the changing colour of the sky rests on the groom’s head. Elegant, royal and magnificent, this colour has started trending in the weddings lately.


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2. Quirky multi-colours 

Multi-colour never goes out of style. It’s eccentric and at the same time attracts the eye instantly with its bright distinguished hues. A multi-coloured safa is hard not to get noticed in that wedding banter among friends and family.  

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3. Majestic Pink 

The head turning majestic pink is bold and beautiful. It adds classy with a hint of effervescence. Matched with a perfect sherwani, pink looks out of the world, bright and sovereign. 

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4. Happy orange hued

Light, bright and everything right. Orange is the colour of celebration, jubilance and cheer. They look perfect with the theme of weddings and also radiate the aura of merriment and joy. Light orange is a go-to colour for a subtle and expressive choice of safa.  

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5. Soothing pastels

Serene pastels are one of the most talked about looks to sport this wedding season. They pose a vibe of elegance and demeanor that no other pattern can radiate. It is delicate, subtle and tranquil. Grooms look magnificent with them. 

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6. Yellow shine 

Sunshine in the wedding venue, the vivacity of yellow never goes out of fashion. Subtle and magnificently beautiful, yellow strikes a chord while being elegantly outstanding.

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