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Go Completely Traditional with Ethnic Accessories

For a long time we have been living under a misconception that accessorizing is a woman’s domain! However, this is gradually changing. Not only do men have a lot of options to accessorize their traditional look, it also has become a vital part for getting a perfect ethnic look. In the past, we saw women dominating the section of accessories in traditional wear! However, as the ethnic trend evolves, men’s traditional wear has a lot of add-ons to complement their traditional look.

It is not about competing with women in the scenario of fashion but to have enhancing improvements in men traditional wear! To put this in context, imagine a cake made by an excellent chef. It may be superb in taste but only sells if it looks appealing too! So the icing, cream, cherries, chocolates and other toppings are the add-ons to the cake that enhance its value! Similarly, you may wear a perfectly fine sherwani or kurta, but to make it look appealing you need to accompany it with accessories. And accessorizing is the way to go about it!

To start with the very basics, any traditional wear be it a kurta, sherwani or an indo-western; it needs to be paired with a lower! From a loose pajama to very stylish churidars; lowers are the start of any traditional wear to be complete! The second basic accessory would be a juti. No ensemble of traditional wear is complete without the right footwear and jutis are the best choice.   If you plan to go really subtle with your traditional look, the best companion to your attire could be a dupatta! Found in many colours, patterns and fabrics with intricate work; you can choose a dupatta according to the occasion.

If the occasion demands you to be sparky and yet elegant, accessories like pocket squares and scarves could come in handy. Without getting you too out there, these accessories subtly enhance your look and bring a class of sophistication to the apparel. There are occasions when you have to carry out the flamboyant and royal look. For these occasions like weddings, engagements and sangeets; the apt accessories to go with are safa, mala, broach, kilangi, bajubandh and kamarbandh. Each of these accessories has their own charm and significance. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is how to ingeniously mix and match them! Like safa, a true example of royal element rooting in the Indian history, brings out the best of your manly personality and should be worn on important occasions. You can use a safa that contrasts with your sherwani or kurta. Also you can adorn your safa with the gem like kilangi over it to make it even more attractive and imperial.

Wearing a classy broach over a perfectly suited indo-western has been a favourite at any occasion. When planning to go royal with your look, get a nice mélange of mala, bajubandh and kamarbandh in your traditional look.  

For even easier access to great collection of men’s traditional accessories, just visit a manyavar store near you or log on to their website. With imperial looking ethnic apparel, they also carry a line on designer accessories that complement your attire perfectly. As far as accessorizing is concerned, the basic mantra for men remains— never go overboard with it. Keep a balance in your attire and accessories, not trying to wear it all in one go. Making a perfect mix-match and blending it right with your apparel will help you bring together a traditional look.

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