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How to stay fit this wedding season.

A wedding can break your wellness routine as quickly as you can consume two (or three) sweet drinks and a slice of cake from the dessert counter or a plate of jalebi with rabri. Rather than succumbing to chaat counter, deep fried snacks, or the dessert counters, here are tips to stay healthy through the wedding season.

Workout First, Party Later 
If you’re attending a destination wedding and you know the venue, check out if they have a fitness area or a swimming pool. If not you can always go for a walk around the wedding premises, in the hotel corridors or a few laps of the stairs.
Make sure you get your workout done in the morning though because once the big day starts, the ceremonies will be the main priority.
What’s Your Game Plan? 
Some of us prefer to eat very healthy during the week and then splurge during the wedding, while others may try to minimize the indulgence during the festivities. Most trainers and dietitians recommend a cheat meal or treat, so that you avoid binging completely.
Whatever you decide to do, make a plan beforehand. Figure out what you will splurge on and stick to the strategy. Consider bringing healthy snacks to stay energized throughout the day, so you can have a clear mind when it’s time for the reception.
As Virat promises Anushka - ‘Main hamesha fit rahunga, tumhare liye’. Take a look at their naye vaade

Pick Your Treat 
Between the nice juicy drink, the sweets, the appetizers and the dessert bar, plus the main course, eating just a bite of each can add up. Think about what you’ll really enjoy and go for it — often the main course tastes very similar at pretty much every wedding, but perhaps a few innovative desserts or a fancy cocktail will satisfy a craving. Savor whatever it is you choose to splurge on.
Beware of the cocktail snack 
The passing of delicious, bite-sized appetizers can derail any healthy-eating plan. Skip the cheese board, and anything fried, stuffed or in pastry. Opt instead for veggies, paneer skewers. Stay busy chatting during this time and avoid standing by the main passing area. If you do indulge in a stuffed mushroom or similarly rich offering, aim for just one or two, and move on.
A Toast to Water  
Avoid sugary drinks with fruit juice, which can add calories — and lead to feeling bulgy the next morning. Use sparkling water as a mixer instead of juice or soda, and down a large glass of water between each drink. For a lower-calorie option, say cheers with lemon or green tea with honey.
Hit the Dance Floor 
After a well-chosen meal and perhaps a drink or two, head to the dance floor to get your body moving. Work up a bit of a sweat, and you could burn as many as 300 calories per hour from dancing

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