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Unmasking men’s ethnic fashion trends for 2018

Unmasking men’s ethnic fashion trends for 2018

With every year, the cycle of fashion sees some fresh introductions, some terrible change-overs and some trends that come to stay (and slay). Men are now conducting trials a lot more with fun colour palettes and popular casuals that make a statement. With exploring the 80s style from pastel colours to flaunting ensembles that make a statement celebration wear; men are open to inspecting various ethnic looks.

1. Waistcoat paired with Dhoti or a Churidar:

Patterned waistcoats are the perfect place to be between casual and heavy ethnic wear. When you are attending an acquaintance’s wedding or a ceremonial function at a relative’s place, team a dhoti matching the colour of the kurta with a stylish waist coast. A simple yet elegant look and you are good to go. Churidars are also stealing into the space of men’s celebration wear in recent times. A churidar of a similar shade as the kurta when paired with a contrasting coloured waistcoat looks incredibly stylish yet traditional when donned in pre-marriage ceremonies.

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2. Pastel coloured traditional wear:

When all colours fail, turn to pastels. Nothing beats the brilliance and simplicity of a pastel coloured kurta when paired with a simple pyjama or a churidar. Pastel hued Indo-western coats and jackets look both contemporary and elegant and are trending incredibly with all ages to flaunt as celebration wear.

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3. The poise of Indo Western:

Indo-western embraced by men favourably is always going to be elegant and distinguished. Adorning this attire is never going out of style. With a confidence that is unmatched and unparalleled the fusion look gives an altered look to traditional clothing. They can be worn to simple dinners or to elaborate occasions. Matched with a dhoti or a pyjama, the Indo-Western outfit can always be your go to look when you can think of nothing else to impress.

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4. Classic Jodhpuri Suits:

Jodhpuri Suits are the flawless imperial dressing of India pose as the definitive wedding wear for men for all cultures alike. As the name suggests the style is established from Jodhpur, a city of Rajasthan. The sophistication of a Jodhpuri suit is enhanced with its fine handcrafted or machine embroidery and is a unique amalgamation of Indian and western traditional attire. Pair it with a perfect pair of Jodhpur shoes and you have the perfect attire for your celebration.

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5. Casual white pyjamas:

What is so principally brilliant about the simple white pyjama? It can be worn by anyone, anywhere, for any event. They dress stylishly with plain kurtas of myriad colours, be it red, blue, green or even white. Classy and never going out of style- if you need a quick outfit and need nothing grand to wear- pick the simplicity of white pyjamas, the perfect essence of traditional wear!

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6. Ethnic wear paired with a dupatta:

In the scene of men’s ethnic wear, dupattas are slowly and steadily making its own niche and space. A contrasting dupatta donned on a bright kurta is the look for any grand ceremony and is winning hearts swiftly across the country. The look as been adorned by several Bollywood stars and eminent style personalities making it the much talked about affair. Paired with any choice of bottoms - dhoti, pyjama or a churidar, dupattas add an edge to the entire ethnic look while also being traditionally rooted. If your outfit looks incomplete, look nowhere else. Pick a dupatta and pull it off with grace.

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7. Silk Jacquard Kurta Set:

A very trending fabric that is taking the ethnic fashion wear industry by a storm is silk jacquard kurta. Incredibly rich when worn with a printed jacket that complements the kurta set in its perfectly stylish form. Worn to celebratory functions or marriage ceremonies- this outfit is a beloved fashion statement that’s being embraced globally. Making a subtle yet resilient affirmation of what ethnic wear can look like, jacquard kurta sets give you a complete look without going overboard. Pick from various styles that Manyavar has to offer in this longstanding fashion favourite.

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