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The Kilangi is a Royal Mark of honor completed with a combination of stones and beads with a perfect shade of grandeur. It ideally adorns a mans Sherwani / Safa / Jacket for weddings & engagements to give the Maharaja look.

Kilangis are a special kind of adornment that go as an accompaniment to the safa or the pagdi. The safa is the traditional turban worn by men usually during fucntions and celebrations and these add ample elegance to complete the groom’s look. The kilangi on its part adds an additional touch of sheer royalty to the safa.

The Kilangi throughout history has been a royal mark of honour. Princes and nobles received the kilangi as a grand honour when wars and battles were won or new conquests were made. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, kilangis were designed as a plume and were worn on the right side of the turban. This type of jewellery for men went through a number of design changes and evolutions and then we got what we call the Kilangi today. These days, no traditional marriage ceremony attire is complete without a kilangi. It’s not an add-on, it has almost become as a prerequisite.

Kilangis are usually made with a combination of stones. In the past, the kilangis used to be studded with precious jewels and gemstones that highlighted the elegance and prosperity of the person wearing it. Today, it is important that comfort doesn’t get compromised. Hence, Manyavar brings to you an exquisite and wide range of kilangis that are light and yet magnificent. Perfectly apt for weddings and other grand functions, the Kilangis will amplify the man’s look.  If it is the groom wearing it, the kilangi will guarantee that all eyes will be on him throughout.

Our kilangis are perfectly crafted for today. The plating and the embedded stones are carefully chosen and as a result, will not lose their glimmer if maintained properly. Like other ornaments, they need to be maintained but are the perfect embellishment for any man.