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The Dupatta is a fine piece of blend of silk with pleats and tassels all through, that is worn in two folds around the neck. It consists of prominent embroidery of sequins, colored stones and beads that make it a royal mark. The classic Dupatta completes the look for the would-be groom and his companions. The Dupattas add to your rich look with a perfect Manyavar outfit.

Dupatta Combination of ‘Du’ meaning two and ‘Patta’ meaning a strip of cloth, dupatta is a Sanskrit origin word implying a multi-purpose veil or scarf essential to traditional apparel. With its roots traced down to the Indus Valley Civilization, it has been in existence since the early Indic Culture. With most usage in women apparel, it has quite an influence and significance in men’s apparel too.

Unlike women’s wear, men have lesser options of experimenting with their attire styles. However, traditional wear for men have a wider range of looks to carry. Right from Sherwanis to Kurtas and Jackets, Indian traditional wear for men has a lot more to offer. Be it a regal look, sophisticated look or a festive look; men’s Dupatta is a perfect companion to your apparel.

It’s a false stigma of associating Dupattas to women wear, as it is most easily seen and recognized as a part of men’s traditional wear since the time of Rajas and Maharajas. Placing a majestic Dupatta over your Sherwani or Kurta, gives it an imperial touch and instills you with a kingly feel. Whereas, if you choose to wear a simple stole it will uplift your dignified look.

Though the name stands the same for men and women, the Dupattas for men have significant differences as compared to the women’s Dupattas. The ones for men are much more stiff, sculpted and are shorter in length. More like a stole, men’s dupattas are a casual accessory worn along with Sherwani or Kurtas. With much more ethnic work, Indo-western patterns and a lot of colors to choose from, men’s dupattas are the highlights of your traditional attire.

Indian men don’t go for wearing too many accessories, making Dupattas to function as an extension to their ethnic outfit. So go ahead and choose a perfect mix of ethnic wear and trendy Dupattas to make a sparky impression at any occasion.