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The royal armour to any traditional attire, jackets enhance the look for all occasions! Be it marriage or festivals; dress up in these precisely crafted jackets that come in a mix of royal colours, finest fabrics and rich embroidery. They’ll help you leave a majestic impression.

A Jacket is an important accompaniment for men’s traditional attire in India. The outfit is usually available without the sleeves and has buttons from the neck down to its entire length. The apparel was a significant part of the royal outfit in India. It was also worn by dignitaries and then adopted by the common population.

The Jacket has been a part of the Indian history long before the pre-independence period. The royal families in India wore the garment to embellish their outfit further. Back then, the apparel was decorated with heavy embroidery and even studded with gems at times. The average population wore Jackets that were less flamboyant and simpler in style.

During the Indian independence, the Jacket was quite a dominant part of the fashion. Great leaders of the time were the trend setters for this style of fashion. Men proudly wore the Jacket which helped them become a part of the trend. Since then, it has been strongly adopted by the people in India, especially by the politicians. Today, the Jacket is a huge part of the Indian traditional attire.

Generally worn with another piece of garment such as a kurta (a type of a loose shirt, falling just below the knees), the Jacket brings charm to the overall outfit. It is usually a part of a complete traditional set that includes a kurta, a churidar (loose fitting pants) or a dhoti (a loose unstitched cloth). The garment can be worn at various occasions like weddings and festive celebrations.

In modern times, the Jacket is also a part of many fusion outfits. Designers and trend setters of today, boldly experiment with the Jacket, making it a trendy outfit. Some enhance the Jacket further by adding to it, a broach or a putting on a mala (a type of necklace made from beads).