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One of the most sensual attires of a woman in India is undoubtedly the saree. It is a long unstitched piece of cloth, usually 6 yards long that is draped in a set pattern. It accentuates the curves of a woman and the mid-riff is usually exposed. The way of draping a saree may differ from place to place. It is available in plethora of fibers, designs and colors. The saree is usually worn with blouse that covers the upper part of the body and underneath is the petticoat, which helps to tuck in the pleats of the saree to hold it in place.

SAREE is an all time favorite female dress. It does not need an introduction. A traditional, but extremely popular outfit for women, since ancient times to the modern times. Starting from a traditional outfit, to a journey of a glamorous party dress. A piece of cloth of 5 to 9 yards in length, so popular that, it is worn from the poor to the richest class of the society. So many different ways to wear, so many fabrics, so many designs.

What is the one outfit that pan-Indian women swear by? Whether while dressing up for an occasion, or to put up an impressive expression, saree is our go-to garb. And why shouldn’t it be, when there are so many reasons as to why this is the perfect outfit!

In spite of changing the style of women clothing Saree are still being worn in a wide section of mature & the modern women for marriages, festivals or in classy parties and functions, they are still being used as an up class designer dress.

Go super sexy or super cute, or both. Saree adds an extra layer of confidence in you, always.

Sarees make a statement on their own. So for this wedding season go for the beautiful pastel colour palette. Also you can get the south Indian kanjivaram or the traditional maharashtrian sarees or the most popular banarasi silk sarees. Anything out of this will make you look elegant and classy.

Saree has an eternal charm that perfectly accentuates the beauty of a woman.Flaunting those endless feminine curves can never be so much alluring in any other attire than a saree. Be it a friend’s wedding reception or a date with your fiancé which you’ve been longing for a saree is regarded as an evergreen attire.

Change is inevitable in the world of fashion but saree is probably the most elegant attire for an Indian woman and the only constant thing that has been adored for years after years is saree. This traditional attire is an heirloom that can be easily passed from your grandmother’s wardrobe to your daughter’s closet. Be it parties, weddings, or festivals, saree is the unmatched companion for today’s modern women who happily ditch their western look to embrace this ethnic style.

Designers play with colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics to bring a modified version but the quintessential charm of the nine-yard creation remains the same.Such a purchase is an investment – in what can be called a fashion heirloom. So get ready to be a queen of hearts this festive season in alluring saree and get dressed to the nines. Our collection is to season tradition with innovation.The best part in bridal couture is the way it is crafted, vintage fashion with beautiful gota, zardosi embroidery intricately.Ethnic collections inspired from the runaway fashion styles designed by the top notch designers of the industry. Opt for a saree when grace and traditional look is what you’re aiming for.