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Embellish your attire with our exquisite range of Scarves. Made from the finest quality fabric, these regal accompaniments to your ensemble feel amazing and look spectacular. Add an enticing charm to your ethnic set and make heads turn, be it at weddings or festivals.

The Scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck. It is used as an embellishment for your attire, generally worn along with your upper apparel such as a kurta or a sherwani. They come in a range of patterns and colours. The Scarf is a visible fashion item and is worn to enhance the entire look. It started off as an essential garment and today is a huge part of the fashion trend.

The actual origin of the garment is unaccounted for but various cultures around the globe are known to have used it as a part of their clothing. Up north, it was used to keep warm while in the hotter regions it was used to keep clean. With changing times, the Scarf was experimented upon with different materials and more variety was added to it. Soon the scarf was adapted as a style statement. Fashion gurus from around the globe made it a part of their collection. 

Today in India, the Scarf is a huge part of the ethnic fashion. You can wear it to occasions like weddings or festivals. The scarf is worn in contrast to your attire. There is a wide range of traditional scarfs available today and is acknowledged as a part of a traditional outfit.

A scarf along with a kurta (loose shirt-like apparel) or sherwani (long coat-like outfit) and a pair of churidar is a basic ethnic set. Add in a pair of jutis and a broach, and this will give the perfect traditional outfit and have you ready to dazzle at any occasion. Even the simplest ethnic attire can be embellished with a scarf, the perfect garment to make you look and feel like one of the royals.