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Festive green bandhgala blazer
Festive green bandhgala blazer
Jhodhpuri style blue bandhgala blazer
Jhodhpuri style blue bandhgala blazer
Blue Bandhgala Blazer
Blue Bandhgala Blazer

What are the Different Types of Blazers for Men Available? 

Whether you are looking for classic single-breasted blazers or regal bandhgala ones, our diverse selection is perfect for everyone. Given below are some of the choices you will find on Manyavar:

Single-Breasted Blazer

Owing to their versatile design, single-breasted blazers are one of the most popular choices out there. They can be sported with not just a formal ensemble but also a pair of jeans for a semi-formal look. Simply put, this garment is a coat, jacket, or vest with only a single column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric.

Additionally, unlike other styles available, single-breasted blazers allow you to experiment with a wide range of colour combinations. This makes them a great pick for festive occasions, office outings, or even weddings and celebrations.

Blazer with Waistcoat

The waistcoat or vest, as it is known, is an essential garment for anyone who loves a touch of classic elegance to their outfits. It is a fundamental element of a three-piece suit, and has become, over time, a precious ally to business ensembles. Produced in both single- and double-breasted styles, a waistcoat is specifically designed to be worn underneath a suit or a jacket.

This sleeveless garment does not necessarily have to match the jacket or blazer and can be worn by itself as well for dressier occasions.

Bandhgala Blazer

Originated in the Rajasthani city of Jodhpur, a Bandhgala or Jodhpuri suit is a traditional formal suit that was popularised between mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries. It generally consists of trousers and a coat and is sometimes accompanied by a vest. Featuring an upright and closed collar, the timeless Bandhgala suit has become even more lavish and elegant over the years.

The perfect pick as part of a wedding collection for the groom and his squad, this regal ensemble is tailored to perfection and exudes unmatched class. The best thing about this evergreen style is that it fuses traditional style with western cuts perfectly.

A Guide to All the Fabrics Used to Craft a Blazer for Men

Besides the fit and style, it is really important to know the fabric, its durability and breathability. Hence, we have listed the top-quality fabrics used to design the best blazers for men at Manyavar. This guide will help you to look distinguished and stand apart from the rest as per the occasion.

  1. Velvet: For a luxurious and royal look at special events, such as weddings, engagements, or festivals, you can opt for these blazers without a second thought. Velvet is a smooth and soft fabric that lets your skin breathe and gives you a magnificent look that will surely make an impact.

  1. Terry Rayon: This is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to tailoring a stylish blazer for men. And the reason behind it is that terry rayon is a super comfortable, soft, lightweight and breathable fabric. There are multiple shades of blazers available under this category that will leave you spoilt for choice.

  1. Silk: This is another traditional fabric that is widely used to create designer blazers for men. Silk is an extremely versatile, easy to style and soft fabric, which makes them a perfect blazer for weddings. They have a distinctive appeal that adds oomph to your outfit and makes you stand out.

A Style Guide for Blazers for Men

Blazers for men are available in a plethora of styles and can give you an effortlessly stylish vibe, provided they are styled correctly. And so, here are some outfit ideas to help you ace your styling:

The Perfect Groom Squad Ensemble

If you are a part of the groom squad and are looking for a stylish outfit, opt for a sophisticated wine chequered suit. Add a complimenting printed tie and a pair of black Oxfords to complete the ensemble.

Sophisticated Bandhgalas for a Sangeet

Sangeet is possibly the first big event in wedding celebrations and choosing the perfect outfit for it sets the tone for the rest of the events. So, for this occasion, go for a simple yet refined green Bandhgala blazer along with a pair of well-fitted trousers and double-monk straps.

Glamorous Bandhgalas for a Wedding Reception

For a classic and regal outfit to wear at a wedding function, opt for a glamorous Jodhpuri style blue Bandhgala blazer. Top off the look by adding a classic blue juti and a brooch or a pocket square.

Explore the Colour Variations under the Blazer for Men Category

At Manyavar, we have curated the blazer for men collection keeping in mind different occasions and trending styles, so here are the different colour ranges available for you to choose from.

  1. Blue: These are the classic and highly preferred colours of blazers for men. Navy blue and indigo shade blazers are an absolute must-have as they are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime.

  1. Dark Green: This is one of the trending and most elegant colours you could explore and experiment with. Dark green has more of an informal tone, appropriate for business casual meetings, festivities and weddings.

  2. Wine: For a sleek and classy ensemble at parties, you can style these blazers. The wine shade oozes a bold and edgy vibe that looks stunning when paired with the right outfit.

  1. Black: It is a great option for formal and casual occasions as the colour is highly versatile and pairs well with other shades. So, add these timeless blazers to your wardrobe and make a grand style statement.

Buy Blazers Online on Manyavar

Get your special occasion ensemble on point by shopping for your desired blazers for men on Manyavar. Browse through our mesmerising collection of Mens traditional outfits for both formal as well as casual occasions and add your favourite option to the cart. And that is not all—Manyavar is also home to a diverse selection of apparel such as Indo-western dresses, kurta pajamas, sherwanis, and more. Whatever your fashion requirement, you are guaranteed to find an option that caters to your needs on our platform. So, sign up to Manyavar and start shopping for your favourite festive ensemble today!

FAQs on Blazer for Men

What is the difference between Blazers and Bandhgalas?

Simply put, Bandhgalas are a formal, Indian evening suit. The primary difference between them and the blazers is that the former is an amalgamation of traditional as well as modern elements.

How do you take care of a designer Blazer for a wedding?

The designer blazer that you choose for your wedding is a special outfit for a number of reasons. Not only are they an important part of your big day, but they can also be used for other occasions, provided you take proper care. And so, here are a few tips to help you take care of your blazer better:

Use Quality Coat Hangers

Using quality coat hangers to store your blazer is one of the most important tips that will ensure that it retains its shape and charm. You can even go a step ahead and store it in a garment bag to keep it away from excess heat, dust, and moisture.

Brush After Every Use

There is no escaping the dirt and dust, especially in India. So, it is important that after you have worn your suit, you use a suit brush and clean it regularly. This would also ensure that you do not have to dry-clean it often, thereby increasing the longevity of your blazer.

What things to remember when shopping for a men’s blazer?

Buying a men’s blazer for yourself can seem like a daunting task, especially because of the sheer number of options available. And so, we have a list of points you need to remember while shopping for men’s blazer:

  • Set your budget.

  • Be true to your size.

  • When in doubt, go for classic styles.

  • Shop as per the occasion.

  • Opt for a comfortable fabric.

Can men wear a blazer to a formal event?

Yes, men can wear a blazer to any formal occasion by teaming up with a complementing pair of trousers and a shirt. Complete the outfit by adding a pocket square and a nice pair of formal shoes.

What do men wear with blazers?

Blazers can become a part of your overall wardrobe as you can wear them with a formal, or informal dress. Wear a blazer for men with jeans and a T-shirt or a pair of trousers and a shirt.

Do blazers have to match pants?

No, the pants and blazers do not necessarily have to match. In fact, you can buy suit separates and use your blazers in more unique ways. Then, you can mix and match as per style requirements and occasion.

Which type of lowers will look the best with the designer blazers?

Suit pants are a type of bottom wear that complements designer blazers for men exceptionally well.

How do you wash a blazer?

It is highly recommended to dry clean your blazers and suits by a professional to extend the life of a garment by removing stains, dust and grime, making them look as good as a new one.

Can men of all ages wear a blazer?

Yes, blazers for men are appropriate for every age. So, investing in at least one blazer that complements most of your wardrobe can really elevate your style.

What should I look for in a blazer?

When buying a blazer for men, check the lining of the garment so that it fits you correctly and gives you a proper silhouette. The blazer should neither be tight nor loose, so provide the right measurements for the best fitting.