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Neutral Grey Gown
Neutral Grey Gown
Rich Grey Gown
Rich Grey Gown

Grey Gowns: One Great Go-to Option for any Occasion

Grey is one of the cool, neutral and balanced colours that can be styled on several occasions, be it formal or casual. This versatility has made the shade so popular in Indian clothing, such as lehengas, sarees and gowns. Nowadays, even bridesmaids are showcasing their interest in wearing grey outfits for wedding celebrations. That is why we have launched our grey gowns collection, perfect to sport at weddings, engagements, parties, etc.

We take pride in bringing you Mohey’s grey gown collection that allows you to discover the most elegant party wear options. Our designers are famous for their attention to detail. Every piece features intricate designs and embellishments that make you stand out from the rest.

Tips to Enhance Your Overall Looks With The Grey Gown Dress

The right outfit plays a key role when attending a special event. But, to take your appearance to the highest level of fashion, you need to know how to style your outfit. Thus, to help you achieve an alluring look, our stylists have some tips.

  • A grey dress is neutral, which allows you to match different hues with them. For a simple yet stunning pairing, we suggest choosing silver with grey. You can wear silver reception earrings to uplift a grey gown.

  • The understated grey colour pairs well with black to add a contrasting depth. Accessorise your grey gown with polished black shoes and black jewellery for an elegant appearance.

  • Another exceptional and trending combination is grey and burgundy. A pair of heels and a clutch in the deep-maroon hue with delicate jewellery will make your grey gown look regal.

  • For a look of understated elegance, nude heels and fine jewellery will help you achieve the sophistication you want. Fashion experts promise that pairing nude-toned accessories with a simple grey gown exhibits unmatched gracefulness.

Buy A Classy Grey Gown Online At Mohey

Grey has become a favourite for many, thanks to its versatility and subtleness. This elegant colour plays a significant role in the wardrobe of every woman. Mohey is glad to bring this elegance to you in the form of lovely grey gowns.

Our alluring line-up of grey gowns for receptions, too, will keep you miles ahead of the latest trends. We ensure that all our pieces are made from high-quality fabrics and have been designed carefully to look exclusive and stylish. So, make sure you purchase a classy grey gown online at Mohey today.

Know More About Grey Gowns

We understand that a woman can have doubts about buying an outfit. Thus, Mohey is here to answer your questions to help ease all your worries.

Can a bridesmaid wear a Grey Gown?

Grey gowns are an excellent choice for a bridesmaid outfit. The ensemble has become a favourite worldwide. The understated elegance and calmness of the colour allows for great clothing combinations. They look excellent in contrast to the bride’s generic red or white outfits.

How to store the Grey Gown after using it?
Here is a guide on storing your grey gowns to enhance their life:

  1. Always store your grey gown in a clean, dry wardrobe or rack, away from sunlight.

  2. If your outfit is made of silk, store them in soft muslin bags to avoid wrinkles.

  3. If you have Zari work on your outfits, they might get oxidised if not kept in a plastic sealed bag. You can add neem leaves to avoid the infestation of moulds and insects that might destroy your fabric.

  4. Avoid hanging your grey gown because this can cause them to lose shape.

  5. Lastly, avoid using rusted iron hangers for silk outfits.

Will a Grey Gown be a good choice for an Indian reception?

If a contemporary look is what you aim for, a grey gown is an excellent choice for an Indian reception. Paired with the right makeup and accessories, a grey gown can look befitting on an Indian bride.