The hub of stylish traditional wear for men, Manyavar presents a splendid range of sherwanis. What was once termed the Persian cape, transformed into the Indian angrakha before taking on various European accents. Later, it materialised as the classic sherwani featuring buttons down the front. Royal and noble Mughals initially wore sherwanis in northern regions during the 19th century in British India. Soon after, the ensemble was adopted by people belonging to other areas and classes as well. Today, sherwanis are the quintessential festive and wedding outfits, owing to their popularity as a formal ensemble. A sherwani adds to man’s classiness, more so when tailored from rich fabrics, adorned with embroidered embellishments. Undoubtedly, it signifies the dignity and etiquette of the Turkish and Persian noblemen. Therefore, Manyavar’s designer sherwanis should be your first choice if you want the ultimate wedding ensemble as the groom or the best man.

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Glamorous Biscuit Color Sherwani
Glamorous Biscuit Color Sherwani
Attractive Beige Sherwani
Attractive Beige Sherwani
Classy Light Pink Sherwani
Classy Light Pink Sherwani
Suave Biscuit Shade Sherwani
Suave Biscuit Shade Sherwani
Regal Velvet Maroon Sherwani Set
Regal Velvet Maroon Sherwani Set
Princely Cream and Gajaree Sherwani
Princely Cream and Gajaree Sherwani
Classy Fawn Sherwani
Classy Fawn Sherwani
Quintessential Cream Sherwani
Quintessential Cream Sherwani
Pearl White Chikankari Sherwani with Dupatta
Pearl White Chikankari Sherwani with Dupatta
Minimalist Light Colored Sherwani
Minimalist Light Colored Sherwani
Sea Shell White Sherwani
Sea Shell White Sherwani
Minimalist Cream Sherwani
Minimalist Cream Sherwani

An Immaculate Sherwani for Every Man at Manyavar 

Men’s sherwanis are revered for their regal appeal. One cannot overlook the charm and magnetic energy of a man who looks dapper dressed in the garment. Listed below are some of our most sought-after Sherwani designs.

Wedding Sherwanis for the Groom

Designed to complement his bride’s beautiful attire, Manyavar’s sherwanis for weddings are elaborate. A sherwani for the groom is nothing less than perfect. After all, it’s one of the most special days of a man’s life. And rightly so, his outfit must stand out.

  • Ornate Traditional Sherwanis 

The big fat Indian wedding’s cultural atmosphere calls for an extravagant outfit. Thus, the groom’s sherwanis are made from fine melded materials like brocade, art silk, and silk blends. Adding to the luxury are intricate embroideries and Zari work. Some even feature studded stone buttons and pearlescent accessories. These elaborate achkan sherwanis are perfectly teamed with churidars and pajamas in subtle or contrasting colours.

  • Debonair Indo-Western Sherwanis

For wedding ensembles with modern accents and details, our collection of Indo-Western sherwanis is perfect. These coat-like sherwanis paired with neutral-toned tapered pants or churidars and a shawl make for classy attire. Tailored from velvet, silk blends, and chikan materials, they come in pastel as well as deep tones. What makes this ideal for weddings is the intricate threadwork, minimalistic adornments, and sleek appeal.

Sherwanis for the Groom’s Gang

The best man, the bride’s brother, and the fathers-in-law can all look handsomely spruced up. There are many graceful options in blended rayon and silks from light to dark colours for the charming men to don.

  • Ethereal Pastel Sherwanis 

Our elegant sherwanis and lowers come in sublime pink, beige, brown and white hues with magnificent embroideries and patterns.

  • Mysterious Dark-toned Sherwanis 

Vivid hues of blue, black, grey and maroon lend a deep character to the ensemble. With minimalistic decorations, these sherwanis for weddings are a must-have.

What are the Different Types of Sherwani Fabrics?

Choosing the right type of fabric for your sherwani is crucial as that dictates how your ensemble looks on your special day. And so, we have curated a list of some of the best sherwani fabrics that you can opt for your big occasion:

  1. Art Silk Sherwanis

As the name suggests, these sherwanis for men feature all the normal properties of pure silk while being more durable. They have a silk-like weaving texture and a shimmery appearance, making them a great choice for weddings. Since they have been crafted using synthetic fibre, they have the characteristics of multiple fabrics. They are as soft as cotton, rich as silk and breathable as wool.

  1. Georgette Sherwanis

If you are looking for a lightweight fabric with semi-sheer properties, georgette sherwanis are an ideal choice. These men’s sherwanis feature a dull matte outer finish and are tear-resistant. Also, since the fabric of georgette is very thin, these sherwanis do not look too bulky and yet have a flowy appeal.

  1. Jacquard Sherwanis

For men looking for a regal sherwani for a wedding, jacquard ones are one of the most popular choices. This fabric has complex patterns woven into it, giving it a unique look. Stylishly durable, jacquard fabric perfectly combines the elegance of classic weaving with the quality of modern knitwear.

  1. Velvet Sherwanis

The epitome of luxury, velvet sherwanis are known for their shiny appearance and soft texture. Additionally, this fabric does not easily wrinkle and retains its shape. Furthermore, they are extremely durable, making these sherwanis a valuable addition to every wardrobe.

The Guide to Acing the Classic Sherwani Look

With ever-evolving trends, contemporary fashion has made a mark in India. As a result, the traditional sherwani has replaced the sleek suits at weddings and festive occasions. Men are confident to don their traditional attires, knowing full-well they look nothing short of handsome. And Manyavar’s sherwanis are here to help you ace the stunning look. So style your sherwani with us in a few easy steps.

  • Begin the pre-wedding festivities on a high note. Team an alluring green sherwani featuring light-gold machine embroidery and beige churidar. Pair this lush ensemble with traditional golden jutis to look elegant at your engagement party.

  • For a daytime wedding with a mesmeric pastel theme, don a light-pink art silk sherwani. Complement this ethereal-toned attire with a vibrant pink safa for a royal touch. You can also drape an elegant fawn bandanna and wear a beaded mala.

  • Look edgy and mysterious at the wedding reception during winters by donning a black velvet sherwani. The deep black tones in contrast with white pants are perfect for an Indo-Western look. You can add a statement-making bandanna and an embellished brooch for a dapper appearance.

  • As the best man, let your innate charm shine bright. Opt for a modern beige sherwani with fawn lowers and look like the epitome of understated elegance. Confidently add a bright pink pocket square to tie the ensemble together.

Shop for Majestic Sherwanis for Men at Manyavar

End your search for well-designed sherwanis for men at Manyavar. From traditional to Western-inspired sherwanis, our options are galore. So explore our delightful range to opt for stunning visuals at the grand wedding celebration. Be it your own wedding, your best friend’s or your sister’s, ensure to turn heads.

FAQs on Sherwani

How to choose the right wedding Sherwani for Men?

When choosing your wedding sherwani, you, the groom, must first consider the wedding’s theme. Next, pay attention to the colour scheme of your bride’s wedding dress. Select a deep blue Indo-Western sherwani with tapered pants for a modish wedding setting. If your wedding theme and bride’s ensemble are culturally rich, you can choose a sherwani in maroon and golden tones.

Which fabric material is most comfortable for Sherwani?

Every Manyavar sherwani is lined with a comfortable, soft fabric. However, the outer material must be considered as per the weather and wedding venue. For a winter wedding or party in an air-conditioned hall, you can confidently don a deep-toned velvet sherwani. Likewise, pick a lush-hued blended silk or chikan sherwani for a summer wedding or a daytime nuptial ceremony.

Best colour combination for Sherwani?

For men, a few colour combinations are evergreen when it comes to traditional fashion. You can choose one that matches your bride’s dress and the wedding décor. A beige or gold-tinted sherwani goes well with maroon and red lowers. These are the go-to colour scheme for a royal, culturally rich wedding. An understated classic combination is a navy blue sherwani and white pants. Lastly, a trending pastel combination features pale pink and beige sherwanis with off-white pajamas.

What is the ideal length of Sherwani for Men?

The ideal length of sherwanis for men reaches just below the knee.

What are must-have Groom accessories to be added with the wedding Sherwani?

The groom can add some highlights to his wedding sherwani with a stone-encrusted kilangi. For the headgear, he can wear a royal safa. For an added dash of élan, he can also drape a bandanna on his shoulder. Lastly, for a traditional sherwani look, one can wear classic mojari-style jutis. Alternatively, an Indo-Western sherwani would look most fashionable with jutis.

Why should you buy Sherwanis from Manyavar?

Manyavar’s assorted range of sherwanis are a class apart and are available in multiple hues and patterns making it synonymous with groom wear.

What is the Difference Between a Sherwani and an Achkan?

While a sherwani and an Achkan may seem similar to many, they can be distinguished on the basis of multiple features. Some of these include length, fabric and the massive flare from the waist. While a sherwani is longer and flares down the waist, an Achkan is trimmed and fitted to give you a sharp look.

How do you choose a good Sherwani for Groom/Men?

Since there are a plethora of options available, choosing the perfect sherwani for you can seem like a daunting task. And so, here are some tips to help you:

  • Choose the appropriate colour, pattern and design.

  • Choose a style that caters to your personality.

  • Ensure that the sherwani you choose fits you perfectly.

  • Shop for a sherwani design that is versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions.

  • Make sure that the sherwani you choose is crafted using premium quality fabric.

Which type of Sherwani is best for an Evening Wedding?

When looking for a sherwani, appropriate for an evening wedding, it is generally recommended that you opt for darker tones. Additionally, the patterns that you choose should also be more vibrant.

Can the groom squad attend their friend's wedding in sherwanis?

Yes, the groom squad can attend their friend’s wedding in sherwanis. In fact, they can even elevate their look by accessorising it with:

  • Safa

  • Juti

  • Bandana

  • Mala

Will Designer Sherwani for the Groom be too heavy to move around?
No, a designer sherwani from Manyavar would not be too heavy to move around. Since our collection is crafted from premium lightweight materials, you can go about your day without any hassles.