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Company Profile

Manyavar began its journey as a thought in 1999 when Ravi Modi ventured into a family business which revamped men’s ethnic wear. What followed was a full swing retail operation thriving from 2008 and since then the company has grown from a niche 90 employees to a blissful 1000+ employees at the backend and 3000+ associated with the brand at the front end.

Under the umbrella of Vedant Fashions Private Limited, Manyavar transformed men’s ethnic fashion wear into a signature statement. Soon the brand opened up a much wider variety of men’s garments and accessories which rendered it as a one stop shop for celebration wear. During the course of its evolution, the label became synonymous with wedding wear; a one-stop-store, draping the world with joy and finest Indian elegance. Thus, Manyavar completed celebration.

Manyavar’s timeless celebration collection includes exquisite Sherwanis, fine Indo-Westerns, Royal Bandhgalas, classic Kurta-Jackets and matching accessories for life’s special moments. Not leaving behind the juniors, Manyavar started with their Kid’s Ethnic and Fusion wear line which was a delight to the little ones. Paving the path for a happier family, the brand introduced Mohey, celebration wear for women, in 2015 and acquired one of the biggest fashion brands in southern India, Mebaz, in 2017, a one stop destination for Men, Women and Children.

Timeless and iconic attires have cemented its reputation across the world with a commanding retail presence of 500+ stores across 202 cities and in 3 countries with 5 international stores in U.A.E & U.S.A.

Transcending boundaries, Manyavar has emerged as one of the best places to work at with state of the art infrastructures, friendly workforce, numerous employee benefits and smiling faces.

The Manyavar movement has been a reflection of Ravi Modi’s grit, global vision and nurturing spirit teamed with Shilpi Modi’s creative spark. Their foresightedness driven together by a massive production and operation force has shaped a world class organization with Bharatiya ethos and swabhiman.

Manyavar’s growth as a brand is also heavily attributed to its extensive focus on marketing and advertising that boasts of the highest advertising budget in the industry. While it started out as a Wedding wear brand, over time there has been a paradigm shift from wedding to celebrations on the whole and the new campaigns’ focus on branding the label as Celebration wear. A winning streak in establishing the brand further was the appointment of Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador in 2016. With him, started a new wave of communication with our audiences and curating ads with a strong social message to it. To name a few; Aadha Aadha, New Beginnings, Saath Saath Hamesha, India Ethnic Week and so on. These ads have been acclaimed by the critics and celebrated amongst the youth.

Behind the scenes at Vedant Fashions Private Limited works a team of young and energetic sales professionals and employees who are an integral part of brand building and have been adding value to the organization. All efforts enumerated are to make an impactful difference in their lives and in the lives of all stakeholders of the brand driving towards one vision – Earn Your Respect.


To share, celebrate and evolve the Manyavar movement. A reflection of Mr. Ravi Modi’s grit, a global vision and a nurturing spirit, the creative spark of Mrs. Shilpi Modi, our Chief Visualizer of merchandise and design, together with sales, production and operation groups driven by a collective mission: to be an authority in Celebration Wear.

Our goal for 2020 is to have 10,00,000 square feet of Manyavar retail space, 5,00,000 sq. ft. of Mohey retail space, 600 exclusive store including 100 flagship & 50 global stores at 300 cities across India and abroad. We are aiming for a production capacity of 6 million pieces per annum.

Manyavar envisions leading the category towards a global perspective, beyond cultural and ethnic sensibilities. This means new sections, new products and new concepts for the world citizen.

Creating, enhancing, nurturing, inspiring and ornamenting Respect.


It all began in a 1000 square feet office space with Rs.10,000 as capital. Manyavar was conceptualized in 1999, since then Manyavar has expanded its reach to 170+ cities in India, U.A.E, Bangladesh, Nepal and U.S.A.

2007-08 saw the launch of an Exclusive Business Outlet format as Manyavar opens its first EBO outlet outside Kolkata, in Bhubaneshwar.

2010 marked the inauguration of the 100th store in Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

2011 was a highlight with the establishment of Manas Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to support heart surgeries in children.

In the same year, we crossed borders with the opening of our first international store in Dubai, followed by Bangladesh.

2012 hit the 200 stores mark. India’s largest EBO was inaugurated in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. Manyavar collaborates with Indian Premier Leaugue to partner Kolkata Knight Riders. The year’s high was the launch of

2013 , we extended our reach to more than 100 cities. The 300th store opened in Quest Mall, Kolkata. Our association with IPL grew stronger with sponsoring Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

2014 started on a high with the opening of our 333rd store - the grandest Manyavar store in Mumbai. We partnered Indian Super League as Associate Sponsors. Our film advertisements aired across India making us a national brand.

2015 marked the opening of our 400 th store in Hazrathanj, Lucknow

2016 will go down in history with the launch of our Women’s Celebration Wear label - Mohey. Manyavar opened in New Jersey, USA
Iconic Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli signs as Manyavar’s Brand Ambassador.

2017 Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma becomes the Brand Ambassador of Mohey

2018 Collaboration extended with IPL by partnering with Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

2018 We opened our 500th store at Nagpur, Dharampet.

2019 Marked the launch of our store at Mumbai Airport- T2

6 countries, 160 cities, 400+ stores and a new brand in 8 years.

It began as a dream, and the journey continues…

Manyavar Creations Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vedant Fashions Private Limited, who owns the brand “Manyavar” and “Mohey”.


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2019 Retail Marketing Campaign of the Year- Asia Retail Congress (#IndiaEthnicWeek)

2019 Best Men's Ethnic Wear Brand (East)- Times Business Awards

2019 IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: Men’s Indian wear

2018 Images Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the year Marketing & Promotions Best Financial Performance 2018, ET Bengal Corporate Awards.

2018 Prime Time Award for recognizing Outstanding TV Campaigns by Jewellery, Fashion and Lifestyle

2018 Industry (NayeRishteNayeVaade)

2018 Images, Most Effective Marketing & Promotions Campaign of the Year (NayeRishteNayeVaade)

2017 Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: Men's Indian Wear by Images Fashion Awards, Mumbai

2016 Effective Retail through Supply Chain by Asia Retail Congress.

2016 Mr. Ravi Modi listed among the 100 most influential retail leaders by Asia Retail Congress.

2016 Highest Job Creator by ET Bengal Corporate Awards.

2016 Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year: Menswear – Indian by Images Retail Awards

2016 Effective retail through Supply Chain by Asia Retail Congress

2016 Mr. Ravi Modi awarded Retail Leadership Award,100 Most Influential Retail Leaders by Asia Retail Congress

2016 Highest Job Creator by ET Bengal Corporate Awards

2015 The Best Brand Of the year, Men’s Ethnic Wear by CMAI, Apex

2015 Images Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Management & Fulfillment by Images Retail Tech Awards 2015

2015 Ravi Modi, Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing Textile Business by Franchise India

2015 Fastest Growing Retailer by Indian Chamber of Commerce at ICC Retail Awards

2015 Ravi Modi, Bravery and Entrepreneur Award by Parwaz Media Group

2015 National Retailer of the Year, Indian Retail Awards

2015 Most Admired Brand of the year, India Fashion Forum (IFF), Mumbai

2015 Ravi Modi, Emerging Leader by CMA Management Excellence Awards

2015 Best Financial Performance and Highest Job Creator awards by ET Bengal Corporate Awards

2014 Fastest Growing Company, ET Bengal Corporate Awards

2014 Pioneer in Ethnic Retail Business, Asia Retail Congress

2013 Fastest Growing Company, ET Bengal Corporate Awards

2013 Most Outstanding Performer in Retail Business, East India Retail Summit (EIRS), Kolkata

2013 Retail Leadership Award to Ravi Modi, Asia Retail Congress

2013 Most Admired Men’s Ethnic Wear Brand of the Year, India Fashion Forum (IFF), Mumbai

2012 Most Admired Retailer of the Year (East India) at East India Retail Summit (EIRS), Kolkata

2012 Ravi Modi-Youngest Jewel of Rajasthan

2012 Most Admired Indian Wear Brand of the Year, India Fashion Forum (IFF), Mumbai

2012 Ravi Modi, Youngest Retailer of the Year, Asia Retail Congress, Mumbai

2011 Among 100 Best Brands in India (across all categories) by Power Brand, Planman Marcom, an organisation led by Prof. ArindamChaudhuri. Felicitation in London.

2011 Most Admired Men’s Ethnic Wear Brand of the Year, India Fashion Forum (IFF), Mumbai

2010 Most Admired Ethnic Wear Brand from East India, East India Retail Summit (EIRS), Kolkata

2009 Critic’s Choice for Pioneering Effort in Category Creation, India Fashion Forum (IFF), Mumbai.

2008-2010 Central Icons Award for Iconic Men’s ethnic brand by Pantaloons India Ltd.

2004-2008 Central Icons Award for Best Men’s ethnic wear Brand at Central Icons


Manyavar founded its first international store (EBO) in Dubai. The global footprint grew rapidly with new stores in Bangladesh, Nepal, U.A.E, U.S.A. As we speak, crossover stores merchandising diverse products are being added worldwide. Merchandising tie ups with retail chains like Planet Fashion, Ethnicity, Central and Pantaloons are growing stronger. And we’re selling across the globe, 24x7 at our online store -

Manyavar aims to expand its reach with 600 Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) by 2020, 100 Shop in Shops and 500 Multi Brand Outlets (MBO) across the country with business channels in U.S.A., U.K. and the Middle East.

Locate your nearest store at: Store Locater

Registered Office:
Srijan Industrial Logistics Park
Mohiary Chandni Bagan,
Phone : +91 33 2323 5353


Diwali- #IndiaEthnicWeek

The launch of India Ethnic Week campaign which was aimed at inspiring people to wear Indian ethnic wear not just on the day of Diwali but also during the entire Diwali week from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj.


Virat and Anushka's Renewed Vows- Saath Saath Hamesha

Taking forward the story of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, a sequel to Naye Rishte Naye Vaade, the new film explores the dynamics of a relationship that blossoms after a marriage.


Papas! Pehno Apni Pehchaan!

Chandra Shekhar Azad ne goliya khayi thi…aur Papa aap?
In Manyavar’s Independence Day commercial, kids have a new mandate - they want their Papas to ‘Pehno apni Pehchan’. For all the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, wearing our veshbhusha is the least we can all do. With 1.8 million views and massive support so far, kids inspire the entire Nation to step out in our #Veshbhusha on Independence Day.


How Rajasthan Royals spend Sundays - by Manyavar

Doing nothing, for the joy of loved ones #ParivarRavivar


Manyavar - How Kings XI Punjab spends Sundays

Doing nothing but making Dadi happier #ParivarRavivar


Virat and Anushka's Naye Vaade

A new spin on shaadi ke saat vachan.

Wedding Vows to Wedding WOWS! #NayeRishteNayeVaade


Virat in the commentary box! #70NotOut

After seven decades of a vibrant journey, India is steadily moving towards a

century! What an innings! This Independence Day, Virat becomes a commentator

for the first time - sharing his special take on India's 70-year performance!




What does Virat's do on Sundays? Kuch nahi!

He does nothing every Sunday because kuch nahi karna is bahut kuch karna. 

Watch him do nothing.

India ka Tyohaar

Virat Kohli against boundaries.

What’s common between Holi, Diwali, Eid, Guru Purab, Ganesh Chaturthi and Christmas? A bahaana for happiness. Irrespective of our religion, festivals bring us all together. Virat says it best - Harr tyohaar, hai India ka tyohaar!


New Beginnings

Virat Kohli inspires new beginnings..

Gone are the good old days when new occasions brimmed with excitement much before and after. Little moments left you speechless. Today, life has come a full circle. Once again, let’s find the time to pause, soak in and celebrate. We’re all going to do something new. Let’s do it in a Kurta.


Aadha Aadha 

Virat ki ladkiwalo se demand..

Everything should be tip top. Dazzling decor, a spread of world cuisine, 5 star stay, candid photography and more. Yet Virat Kohli questions age old traditions that burden the bride's family. Would you agree?



Virat's little nuances that make Diwali the celebration it is

Diwali is magical for every Indian, at home and across the world. Today, everyone has their own way of celebrating the festival but you'll agree a 100% with Virat's ways. Pure cashew katli, onion kachori, Maa ka loud speaker, cards and..




One of our first nationwide campaigns, celebrating the perfect husband, who’s handsome, has taste for the finer things and manly. For once, the brides needed to match up to a spread of elegant wedding wear.


Without Yaars, no shaadi is fun enough. The groom’s friends completely set the tone for celebrations. And after all, Yaars make the groom look good.

The YaarkiShaadi campaign is a celebration of friendship with fun showcase of attires. A lot of tashan and jashan went into its making.


There’s a color for every style - classic beiges, evergreen blacks, happy yellows, flamboyant reds and princely blues. Manyavar offers them all, whatever is your personality, just explore and match. The collection was especially created in several tones with each one promising grace, grandeur and respect.


Sasujiko shopping karwanewalaBhai, bachelor party plan karne wale Yaar, baraatmein disco karne wale Padosi, there are attires for everyone. Even Dulhanko message dene walaTinku. So come on over, everyone’s invited.


Bhaiya Oxford mein convocation ho, Bete ki engagement ho or son's Swatantrata Divas’sparade, whenever there's a reason for joy, Manyavar matches up with fine celebration wear.

Roka, Rakshabandhan, Eid, Diwali, you name it, there's an attire for that. And that is our current campaign for a collection that spans moments, big and small.

Swatantra Divas:



Kurta film:

Jab bhi koi Khushi Ki Baat ho:


Manyavar serves a classic this summer with a Satte Pe Satta parody. Perfect for its summer variety of cotton Kurtas. If you too haven't bathed in months, and decide to take a plunge, there is a colorful collection waiting. Plus Kurtas for every occasion.