Sarees promise endless possibilities, compared to any other attire when it comes to different styles and designs. It is a timeless piece of clothing that every woman treasures to have in her wardrobe. All you need is a perfect draping style and some additional styling tips to help you accessorise, and you are all set! A designer saree from Manyavar, with breathtaking details and flattering hues, can create the perfect look for any special occasion. India’s first seamless garment, saree, is still considered a symbol of Indian feminity. If you have a special event to attend this wedding season and you want to carry yourself with elegance, Manyavar’s saree collection is just what you need. Choose the right pattern with the right colour blends and you are sure to stand out on any occasion.

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Classy Red Blended Silk Saree
Classy Red Blended Silk Saree
Mehndi Saree with Mirror Work Border
Mehndi Saree with Mirror Work Border
Trendy Tomato Red Saree
Trendy Tomato Red Saree
Bold Blue Chiffon Saree
Bold Blue Chiffon Saree
Royal Rani Saree
Royal Rani Saree
Ravishing red saree
Ravishing red saree
Elegant Yellow Blended Silk Saree
Elegant Yellow Blended Silk Saree
Elegant Fawn Saree
Elegant Fawn Saree
Glossy Brown Saree
Glossy Brown Saree
Phenomenal Fawn Blended Silk Saree
Phenomenal Fawn Blended Silk Saree
Beautiful Beige Saree
Beautiful Beige Saree
Gorgeous Grey Saree
Gorgeous Grey Saree

The Advent of Sarees and its Evolution

The evergreen saree has had a fascinating history. It all began around the 5th millennium BC when cotton was weaved to form a drape to cover a woman’s modesty. This long, unstitched drape was termed the "nine-yard wonder" and even "Sattika," which means a three-piece woman's attire consisting of Antriya (the lower garment), Uttariya (a veil worn over her head), and Stanapatta (the chest band). Later on, this drape took the form of a saree worn with a dupatta-like scarf (the pallu) and a blouse.

A saree is not just a garment, it is a tradition in India. Many Indian women are fond of wearing various types of regional handloom sarees, made of fabrics such as silk, cotton, georgette, net, etc.

Though the attire has undergone a great transformation since its evolution, one thing that has not changed is its beauty and elegance. Women of all ages donn sarees that add to their beauty.

With the onset of industrialization, the saree was one of the attires to receive the biggest surge, in terms of designs and creations. Nowadays, the market offers an unimaginable variety for saree lovers to choose from.

Redefine Your Style with this Traditional Saree

If you are having an intimate home wedding, you must be looking forward to picking an attire that does not make you look overdressed. With the increasing number of new-age couples choosing smaller wedding celebrations, friends and family are often confused about the attire they should choose. If you select a lehenga for the occasion, you might feel overdressed. But then you cannot attend a wedding wearing something too simple either.

So here is a solution to the delusion; pick a traditional saree and give it a modern twist. You could accessorise it with modish jewellery and footwear, and you will be ready to grab all eyes.

There is One to Suit Every Woman’s Preference

Most Indian ladies enjoy wearing a saree for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, or other auspicious events. This elegant piece of clothing is available in a wide range of fabrics, right from silk and cotton to georgette, tussar, chiffon, etc. Also, you are given a wide variety of colours to choose from. You will find a saree that accentuates the beauty of every body type.

Choose from the wide range of saree designs based on the occasion type:

At Mohey, you will be greeted with a wide assortment of sarees that are guaranteed to elevate your traditional style game to a whole new level. This also ensures that you have different choices for different occasions. And so, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect saree:

Sarees for Weddings

Weddings are a great time to showcase traditional style not only for the bride but all the relatives as well. And so, at times like these, it is recommended to opt for sumptuous fabrics such as blended silks, georgette and more.

Sarees for Festivals

It is a known fact that most women like to drape these six yards of grace during traditional functions or festivals. Festive wear sarees should feature moderately heavy work and you can accessorise it with matching jewellery.

Sarees for Parties

Gone are the days when party wear was limited only to western wear. Thanks to the regal range of designer sarees available on our platform, the options are almost limitless. If you too are looking to glam up for your next party, opting for options such as net sarees is a great choice.

Check Out Different Types of Sarees for Women

Different saree types suit different occasions. You can wear something for one or other occasion, a festival, or an event. You can find a wide variety of sarees for women that spoils you for choices. Here are a few of them:

Blended Cotton sarees:
These are best suited for regular wear, and when combined with silk, they create some wonderful creations.
Designer sarees:
These are ideal for weddings and festivals. Though gowns and lehengas have taken special positions in the list of specialised attire for weddings, a designer saree looks spectacular as well.
Silk Base Sarees:
You can enjoy the right combination of style and comfort from a material that is soft and delicate, i.e., silk.
Net Sarees:
As the name suggests, these sarees are made up of a see-through transparent material known as net. One of the major reasons behind their massive popularity is their sturdy yet flexible properties.

Different Ways to Style a Saree

Ditch that common style of wearing a saree this wedding season, and try the following styles that give you a flattering look:

Belt style: This style is quite trendy these days. In this, you need to drape your saree normally and just add on a belt to attach your pallu at the waist.

Dhoti style: Another eye-catching look that will turn heads. Carry the offbeat look of draping the saree as a dhoti and you are ready to rock the world.

Mermaid style: Drape the saree with some extra tucks and pleats on the bottom and get the look of the tail of a mermaid.

Pant Style: A comfortable yet functional style specially meant for young girls who want to try wearing a saree for the event but are confused about the right style.

The Butterfly Style: This style is known for making you look slim. All you need to do is to make thin plates of your pallu and tuck them over your shoulder.

Blend with accessories: You can complete your saree look with necessary accessories like earrings, footwear, and bags. These will add elegance to your attire and give you a complete look.

Saree Fashion Trends for 2022

When compared to other modern outfits like kurtis or Indo-Western dresses, a saree holds a special space in a woman’s wardrobe. You can find a wide variety of sarees to choose from.

If you want to buy the most recent saree design, consider the following trends that will be popular at festivals and weddings in 2022.

Embroidered Silk Base Sarees:
They are known for creating a sober look with elegant embroidery and designs that scream class. If you want to dress up for a special occasion, say any social gathering at your office space or any small festival celebration, you can carry a designer silk saree. Even for weddings, you can keep this attire to attend one of these functions.

Apart from those single-coloured traditional sarees, try a different attire this wedding season. Try the two-coloured shaded drape that speaks a different language. You can pick either a simple and plain two-colour saree or something that has a little embroidery over it. This will give you a new and catchy look at the event.

Many times, it is hard to carry heavy lehengas, but it is hard to replicate that heavy look at the event. As an option, you can pick a designer lehenga saree and flaunt your look at a party.

Traditional Silk Sarees:
For a reception event, carrying a traditional silk drape will complete your look while enhancing your beauty. Instead of those heavy dresses or gowns, you can create a lasting impression by wearing an elegant traditional silk saree.

A Complete Guide to Draping a Saree

Carrying a saree for the first time can be challenging. Hone your draping skills and look stunning by wearing this nine-yard long drape with elegance. Draping this long unstitched cloth can seem daunting at the beginning, but once you are aware of the right trick, it is quite simple. The step-by-step instructions will give you a clear idea of how to wear this attire the right way.

Here are a few instructions that you can follow to drape a saree at its best.

Step 1. Wear the blouse that fits you perfectly. Also, wear the petticoat that matches well with your long unstitched attire. Make sure to wear these essentials in the perfect manner. They should be fitted to the body.

Step 2. Before you step ahead to drape the attire, make sure to wear those heels or footwear that you want to carry. This will help you to set the height of the drape in a well-fitted position and you will not have to deal with any loosening consequences afterwards.

Step.3: To start with the draping, make sure to tie a knot at the top corner of the saree. Now, tuck the knot inside the petticoat and make it fit. Make sure to display the embroidery part of the saree on the front; it should not get hidden in any way.

Step.4: Make a whole turn of the drape, taking it from right to left. Now, tuck it around your waist in the petticoat. While turning the complete round, don’t lose the drape; otherwise, it will not give you a complete look. Also, keep the length of the drape slightly above the floor. Do not touch the floor. Remember, your ankles should not get exposed. Instead, keep the height manageable by hiding your footwear to get that elegant look.

Step 5. Now, start pleating the extra drape available to you. You can either make large plates or thin plates to suit your style. Once you are done with the pleating, hold the saree with your thumb and one finger and stretch it between your middle and index fingers. Once you are set with the perfect plates, you can tuck them inside your petticoat near your navel.

Step 6. Adjust the saree and make the pleats even and keep them straight by using a pin. Secure the pleat.

Step 7. Wrap the rest of the drape from right to left and hold the pallu and start making pleats on it also. Adjust it and place it on your left shoulder, securing it with a pin. Make sure that the end of the pallu falls on your knees.

Step.8. You can also choose the option to avoid pleating the pallu and just tuck it over the shoulder to keep it free.

Step 9. Once you are ready, just pin the saree properly and you are set to rock the event with your gorgeous looks.

Buy the Latest Mohey Sarees Online

Sarees bring a sense of royalty and elegance to one’s personality. When draped perfectly, it can enhance the overall styling. You can wear it for any occasion or event.

Mohey brings the finest collection of the latest saree designs to suit your wardrobe requirements. There is a wide range of sarees available, including Chanderi, Silk, Designer pieces, and many more. Buy the royal and elegant drape this wedding season to make your evening beautiful and full of compliments.

FAQs on Sarees

What is the difference between net saree outfits and silk sarees?

A net saree is known to be made of lightweight net material that sometimes features embellishments to accentuate its look. A silk saree is made of silk only and can be carried on any special occasion such as weddings, festivals, etc.

Can women wear sarees for wedding receptions?

Of course, women can wear sarees for wedding receptions. You can flaunt your taste for gold embellishments this wedding season by wearing designer pieces such as a lehenga or even a traditional silk saree. Carry it with grace and look gorgeous at your special post-wedding function.

What types of sarees can we wear for Durga Pooja?

For Durga Pooja, you can wear silk, cotton Banarasi, or digitally printed tussar sarees, or even the ones designed from georgette would be a great option to complete your look. Carry the colour as per your choice, but somehow, dark shades or royal shades will suit you perfectly for the occasion.

Are Mohey Sarees Heavy?

No. They are not very heavy in weight. Instead, they are quite comfortable and light-weight. The Mohey Saree collection showcases all types of sarees suitable for your special events. You can carry them without worrying about their weight. They will give you an elegant look.

What are the things to consider while shopping for the right saree for a bride?

While shopping for the right saree for a bride, you should also consider the fabric, colour, embellishments such as embroidery or printed work, and saree border. Such things must be considered before buying the best drape for the newly wed.

How to take care of your designer saree?

Store the designer saree in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Also, keep a close watch on the instructions for washing such designer wear at home. If you have a designer silk saree, you should take special care while storing it.

Is wearing a saree on a daily basis considered old fashion?

Wearing a saree on a daily basis is always in fashion.

What should be the ideal length of a saree?

The length of the saree ranges between 5-9 metres and the width ranges between 1.2-1.5 metres.

Does the blouse have to be the same colour as the saree?

Currently, the fashion trend shows contrasting colour combinations for blouses and sarees. For dark-coloured sarees, light-coloured blouses are preferred and vice-versa. However, some sarees come with an attached blouse of a similar colour, but that does not look odd.

How can I look good in a saree?

To create the perfect saree look, here are certain things you should ensure:

  1. Select a luxurious saree fabric to elevate your look

  2. Choose a draping style that complements your body type

  3. Complement your saree with gorgeous accessories

Will it be comfortable to wear a saree for an extended period of time?

Yes, if you don the saree the right way you can wear it for a long period.

Can women of all ages wear a saree?

Sarees are versatile, flattering and any woman can wear them, irrespective of age.

Is it suitable to wear a saree to a party?

Yes, an individual can sport a saree to parties as well. You can opt for embellished ones for weddings, while cotton sarees to office events.