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Mohey is a celebration of the splendid beauty and diversity of cultures, embodied in its impressive range of women's traditional and celebration wear. Founded as a sister brand of Manyavar, Mohey shares the same commitment to embracing and celebrating the vibrancy of Indian craftsmanship. Since its inception, Mohey has embodied the spirit of elegance and grace, seamlessly merging traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary design trends. A testament to this is our celebrated collaboration with Alia Bhatt, whose belief in her unique identity and our shared ethos has resulted in a radiant collection, available exclusively at our store.

With a profound understanding of the modern Indian woman's fashion aspirations, Mohey has been unflinchingly committed to crafting designs that radiate elegance and grace in every thread. Our meticulously curated collection, inspired by the styles of Bollywood divas, includes courtly Lehengas, elegant Sarees, and chic Indo Western sets. Each outfit, whether it is for a festive occasion or bridal wear from the spectacular #DulhanWaliFeeling line endorsed by the celebrated actress Kiara Advani, is carefully designed and adorned with intricate details.

These outfits not only cater to the style preferences of women across different age groups but also accentuate their individuality, making them feel confident and beautiful. In our Kiara Advani collection, you will see how we've captured the spirit of a radiant, sprightly, self-righteous, and independent modern Indian bride, mirroring Kiara's persona.

Sharing a common ethos with Manyavar, Mohey has evolved from being a home-grown brand to achieving significant international recognition. Our relentless dedication to popularizing the charm of Indian celebration wear has taken us beyond borders, with stores established in countries such as the U.A.E., Canada, U.S.A., and U.K. This international expansion is a testimony to our vision, reflecting the global appreciation of our brand's aesthetic and cultural value.

Welcome to our Mohey store, your go-to destination for women's celebration wear. This store, located at Mahatma Gandhi Road Opposite Head Post Office Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001 spans over an impressive area and is located in proximity to the notable {0}. Our store serves as a sanctuary for womens celebration wear, inviting you to indulge in our vast and dynamic collection of traditional attire, including our exclusive celebrity collections.

As you step in through the doors of our store, into the world of Mohey, you are welcomed by an ambiance that beautifully amalgamates luxury with tradition. The vibe of the store perfectly mirrors our endeavours to deliver designs that are the epitome of quality and elegance. Our expert fashion advisors await your arrival, ready to guide you through our diverse collections, including the popular celebrity lines, and assist you in finding the perfect ensemble that complements your persona and occasion.

At Mohey, we not only aim to make your festivals and celebrations spectacular but also to provide an exceptional shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression. To ensure this, we offer an array of services designed to cater to all your needs. From providing expert personal styling tips to offering alteration services for the perfect fit, we strive to make each visit worth your time. So, whether you are a resident of Bhagalpur, a tourist exploring the cultural richness of India, or someone passing through, we invite you to visit our Mohey store. Experience first-hand the magic of Indian festive wear and find the most premium quality exclusive designs, including our celebrity collections, at Mohey.

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